Selasa, 29 Maret 2011

new photos

wuhuuu lately, my posts title are mostly "new". it's just two indeed, but it's like I don't have any ideas anymore for my post.
and did you realize? i always use English, lately (again)
what does it mean? does that mean I'm getting smarter in my English? if it right i will show you my 2 thumbs!
but i still use or maybe need Google translate to help me when i don't know what the words mean in English
so maybe there are many mistakes. hohoho

back to the point.
few days ago, my friend Yosa came to my house and he brought his camera.
he took my picture! whereas that time I'm not ready. huh but fortunately that picture looks good!
how amazed i was ☺he is really talented in this regard.

maybe these photos are not really good for you. but i's funny.
here i am :

i'm not ready. i cover my nose, i got flu.

really, i looked like a criminal. HAHA
i was on my housing's hall. i sat down on a swing toys. it was really funny :)

that's Yosa's shoes. i took it. it's oversized.

done! there are lots of photos actually, but i wont put it here because it's embarrassing. HAHAHA.
i looked so ugly. i didn't have bangs.

well okay, that's all my post today. i need to pee. hahaha
good bye
see you soon.

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